Latest Listings for MFF2017



One Space Saturday Only Four Points by Sheraton

Posted by InuShift on Thursday, November 30

Extra queen bed and floor

Posted by RouPowlas on Tuesday, November 28

One Person, 5 nights

Posted by Epsole_The_Folf on Tuesday, November 28

Bed and floor spots at Crowne Plaza

Posted by lovemaresbear on Tuesday, November 28


Posted by MatenealWebbs on Saturday, November 25

room for 3 at Embassy suites Wensday-Monday

Posted by flamedraggie on Saturday, November 25

Up to 3 roomies needed

Posted by Argon_theDargon on Friday, November 24

Embassy suites 2 spots open 18+

Posted by Romeojagox on Friday, November 24

Looking for 2 at embassy suites

Posted by Saturdaii on Thursday, November 23

Availability at Hyatt Rosemont

Posted by ericmed91427821 on Thursday, November 23

1 roommate need

Posted by Rechanmole on Wednesday, November 22

3 spots available at Hyatt

Posted by Jixer_fur01 on Saturday, November 18

Chicago Marriot Suites O’hare

Posted by kittykattack on Thursday, November 16

Embassy Suites - 18+ SPOTS NEED FILLING ASAP

Posted by LeeohFawx on Monday, November 13

Looking for one extra roomie for MFF ^-^

Posted by Spaceflower626 on Wednesday, October 11

SUPER CHEAP room available. 2 slots open; details within

Posted by bp_rat on Thursday, October 5

King Size Bed @ Con Hotel - $600

Posted by woofrory on Wednesday, August 9

Roomies needed at DoubleTree ($56-$113 per night and connected via skybridge!)

Posted by Bayru_Gecko on Monday, July 31

1 bed spot available

Posted by BattieMoonBeans on Wednesday, June 14

Aloft Room or Hilton Room

Posted by NachoHusky on Saturday, April 15

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Posted by lilsolarflare on Wednesday, November 29

In need of a room for thrusday only

Posted by Lava_Alley on Tuesday, November 28

1 Male looking for room to share.

Posted by RouPowlas on Monday, November 27

1 Suiter and 1 Non-Suiter Looking For Space

Posted by Mady_Husky on Wednesday, November 22

MFF main hotel 3 roomies NEEDED

Posted by Kingkougra1 on Sunday, November 19

MFF hotel space needed

Posted by CrimsonBlizzar1 on Friday, November 17

a space only for Wednesday night

Posted by riuken97 on Thursday, November 16

21 and needs one space Thursday thru Sunday

Posted by SlipperyOtter21 on Wednesday, November 15

Fri/Sat Reservation (Has Wed/Thurs and Sun)

Posted by Tthedragon on Monday, November 13

Single guy looking for floor space

Posted by Jixer_fur01 on Monday, November 13

Looking For One Space Anywhere

Posted by StariPup on Friday, November 10

Cheetah looking for a room

Posted by cybercheetah on Sunday, November 5

Looking to takeover a room

Posted by SirZac on Saturday, November 4

quiet room needed for MFF

Posted by DragonMakesStuf on Wednesday, October 25

fursuiter room needed in the hyatt

Posted by Jasper_paws on Thursday, October 19

1 looking for space. Any hotel works.

Posted by NappaZeriox on Thursday, October 19

Bird needing roost for Wednesday

Posted by Konaburd on Monday, October 9

Rubber Dragon Looking for Spaaaaaccceeeeeee (to Sleep)

Posted by RubberCritter on Thursday, September 28

Looking to take over reservation

Posted by rakedutiger on Thursday, September 28

$300.00 For Your Hyatt Reservation

Posted by riojackal on Friday, September 15

✯✯✯ Will gib monies to crash on Nov. 30th ✯✯✯

Posted by CarBusSolutions on Thursday, September 14

Deer fursuiter looking for room 11/30-12/4

Posted by smol_doe on Thursday, September 14

Fur Artist in need of room

Posted by tierafoxglove on Monday, September 11

Wolfo needs a room!!

Posted by SeanVixionWolf on Saturday, September 9

Need a Room For MFF

Posted by duncandonnahan on Monday, September 4

FB @likehugs looking for room for Fri, Sat and maybe one more night.

Posted by Bingolikehugs on Friday, September 1

Looking for a room at MFF

Posted by WolfyNightshade on Sunday, August 27

1 Chimp looking for room at any hotel! (First con ever!)

Posted by DjembeTheApe on Friday, August 18

2 Spots Main Hotel up to $500

Posted by nyvel_fox on Thursday, August 10

One fursuiter! Adult, chill, good puppo.

Posted by Cascaydence on Sunday, August 6

4 suiters looking to take reservation or be roomies!

Posted by Tankarank on Sunday, August 6

Fursuiter looking for room at main hotel

Posted by DannyDingo88 on Tuesday, August 1

Looking for a Room in the Crowne Plaza or the Hilton

Posted by Rikes0 on Sunday, July 23

Will pay to take over your reservation $450

Posted by SkylerFawks on Friday, July 7

Looking to take over room

Posted by 7kyuNebel on Thursday, July 6

Fursuiter needs room!

Posted by AspenCougar on Monday, July 3

Couple looking for bed spot or room takeover king/queens

Posted by pawllydragon on Monday, July 3

In need of 1 room, willing to sleep on floor/air mattress.

Posted by Horsefur1 on Sunday, July 2

Looking to take over room will pay for your reservation $$$

Posted by SkylerFawks on Monday, June 26

Fursuiter looking for a spot.

Posted by Mobi_Husky on Tuesday, June 20

Looking to take over Hyatt room - double (preferred) or king

Posted by Deme_Monster on Friday, June 16

1-2 Room Spots Needed

Posted by SkunkerPuppy on Saturday, June 10

Looking for Room in MAIN hotel

Posted by GrigKi on Sunday, June 4

Looking for room for 4 people

Posted by Kathryn73320071 on Thursday, May 11

Luis Armando Garcia Aguilar

Posted by riuken97 on Sunday, April 30

$64/night budget, nearest to con preferred. Hilton>DoubleTree>Crowne>Embassy>Sheraton>Marriot Suites>Westin>Aloft etc.

Posted by joedude97 on Sunday, April 30

Looking to take over room

Posted by rakedutiger on Saturday, April 29

Room needed for 1

Posted by tigshep on Friday, April 28

Need A Room for 2!

Posted by AlexDachshund on Thursday, April 27

Need a Room to Take Main Hotel!

Posted by ClemFox_ on Thursday, April 27

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