Latest Listings for MFF2018



Fullsuiter needing somewhere to sleep and suit up, will accept floor space

Posted by stripsandyips on Thursday, June 21

Room for two needed

Posted by minstrelbill on Friday, June 15

Con room and ride for fursuiter to furrealitycon

Posted by RykusAD on Friday, June 15

First timer looking for friendly roommates

Posted by Rikaru_AD on Thursday, June 14

Horsie Fursuiter Needs a Room

Posted by CaveTheHorse on Monday, June 11

Female suiter looking to room with other females

Posted by theclawedhuman on Sunday, June 10

Looking for a room with 3 full suiters!

Posted by Monophobicmutt on Sunday, June 10

Room space for 2 needed

Posted by FinnHyena on Saturday, June 9

22 year-old looking for any sort of available rooms, so long as it's an open and friendly environment.

Posted by KeiserVenom on Thursday, June 7

Room space for 1 Needed

Posted by Bug_A_Butt on Wednesday, June 6

Suiter looking for a room

Posted by wiess_wolf on Thursday, May 31

Wusky looking for MWFF roommates

Posted by FriskeCrisps on Tuesday, May 29

24-year-old Long Time Furry Seeking Room At MFF

Posted by Azeita1 on Friday, May 25

Furry looking to go to their first con(any hotel)

Posted by yeenybopper on Friday, May 25

2 chill pals hunting a room!

Posted by dinopotions on Thursday, May 24

2 peeps searching for space

Posted by SubWoofGir on Wednesday, May 23

Normal Person needing a room for first time con

Posted by mrnominguy on Tuesday, May 22

25 Corgi, Looking for Friendly Room (any Hotel welcome)

Posted by CrmsonFangs on Tuesday, May 22

LOOKing for space nsfw friendly but will take sfw asweel

Posted by DRACERDABPUP on Tuesday, May 22

30 yo trans woman looking for room

Posted by SkyshineSiamese on Tuesday, May 22

Need a room for 1 person. Preferrably with suiters

Posted by LifeFish4Bass on Tuesday, May 22

Don't get Boared: have Wild roommates! (2 for a room)

Posted by Modufur on Sunday, May 20

Looking for Room for 2

Posted by Toxic_Wolfy on Sunday, May 20

Need room for 3 fullsuiters

Posted by smol_doe on Sunday, May 20

Looking for room for 1 or 2 peeps (willing to pay for two spots)

Posted by Jubeithehero on Sunday, May 20

Looking for furries to bunk with

Posted by TheZephyrTiger on Sunday, May 20

Looking for space to crash for two fursuiters

Posted by Mobi_Husky on Sunday, May 20

Dealer+1 seeking bed at any convention center hotel

Posted by pawtoryworks on Sunday, May 20

Need Room for Orphaned Cat Fur

Posted by CatsBecauseYeah on Saturday, May 19


Posted by MakatiCub on Saturday, May 19

2 gals 1 suit

Posted by sydausshep on Saturday, May 19

Need a Room

Posted by SaloVorita on Saturday, May 19

Looking for room. Floor space fine.

Posted by 406Kai on Saturday, May 19

We'll take your room if you don't want it

Posted by CANN1BAL1SM on Saturday, May 19

Need a room

Posted by MarcusTechKat on Saturday, May 19

Need a room

Posted by SkyTheWolf5 on Saturday, May 19

Looking to take over a room

Posted by Drakosdragonfir on Saturday, May 19

Two suiters looking to room at Hyatt

Posted by Xeshaire on Saturday, May 19

In need of 1 bed for 2 occupants in a quiet 4 person room

Posted by TheShadyVisitor on Saturday, May 19

Need a spot!

Posted by PabstShepherd on Saturday, May 19

Room Takeover or Room Spots Needed

Posted by SkunkerPuppy on Saturday, May 19

ROOM reservation transer saught

Posted by BadWox on Saturday, May 19

20 Year Old Fursuiter, Special Con

Posted by FurrySangha on Saturday, May 19

Afterdark fursuiter seeking bed space in Hyatt

Posted by BadWox on Saturday, May 19

1 fursuiter needs room

Posted by bakerlovespibb on Saturday, May 19

Two looking for quiet room

Posted by thatgreenfur on Saturday, May 19

Fursuiter looking for main hotel space

Posted by EricAdler2 on Saturday, May 19

Fursuiter looking for floor/bed space room

Posted by ErikLepp on Saturday, May 19

Need a room

Posted by CrimsonBlizzar1 on Saturday, May 19

A fursuiter looking for a room at main hotel

Posted by A_Shiro_Kuma on Saturday, May 19

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