Latest Listings for MFF2019



Space available at the Aloft Thurs-Mon

Posted by MervynFoxe on Wednesday, December 4

Guest room, 2 Queen 183.54/night (tax included)

Posted by CatzCarson on Wednesday, December 4

Room for 2 or more at the Comfort Inn

Posted by canislatransit on Wednesday, December 4

King Suite/ $130

Posted by kanamewolf on Tuesday, December 3

2 Spots possibly available, Double Tree Hotel, $180

Posted by AnimusFoxx on Monday, December 2

Room available

Posted by FurryWoxy on Saturday, November 30

Two roommates need at Hilton Rosemont. Across from convention center

Posted by CrystalizedTheo on Saturday, November 30

Two roommates needed in Hilton Rosemont

Posted by Ash_Carso on Saturday, November 30


Posted by ZenithFennec on Wednesday, November 27

Take over a 2 king suite $100/night

Posted by TigerRenV on Wednesday, November 27

Split single king room, 1 or more spaces.

Posted by DangerDook on Wednesday, November 27

1 spot available in a sfw room!

Posted by AlexWacker10 on Tuesday, November 26

Space for 1 person at the Hilton

Posted by Sleepy_Chi on Tuesday, November 26

Half bedspace. Left

Posted by StrikeDakota on Monday, November 25

Last minute roomies!!!

Posted by LofiPooch on Monday, November 25

Looking for 1 more for a 2 bed

Posted by Interfectorem9 on Saturday, November 23

Need 2-3 or a Room Swap In Loew's!

Posted by Wildfirefur on Saturday, November 23

Looking for two more roomies for Hilton room!!

Posted by LofiPooch on Friday, November 22

Looking for 1-2 Roommates Crowne Plaza

Posted by zeffosporin on Friday, November 22

Available for one nighters

Posted by LofiPooch on Tuesday, November 19

Looking for LGBT+ Friendly Roomie!

Posted by pyratesque on Monday, November 18

2 Spots Available! - DoubleTree

Posted by CRscreams on Friday, November 15

Need 1 or 2 quiet roommates

Posted by JumpinBlackCat on Thursday, November 14

Room Reservation Take over

Posted by RikkuLion on Tuesday, November 12

Roomies needed

Posted by LofiPooch on Monday, November 11

2 Spots open - Double Tree Hotel

Posted by BlzflFurFiction on Wednesday, November 6

Roomies needed

Posted by LofiPooch on Wednesday, November 6

1 bed suite

Posted by AerakinFolf_AD on Friday, November 1

Room Available in Marriott Suites

Posted by ColeWuffy on Tuesday, October 29

Have 1-2 spaces available at the Loews

Posted by diardi_cat on Thursday, October 24

Looking for parent/teen or child to share room

Posted by ginascaletta on Tuesday, October 15

O'hare comfort inn unoccupied bed

Posted by Frank_N_Furter7 on Saturday, October 12

Room mates

Posted by StrikeDakota on Friday, October 11

O'hare comfort inn unoccupied bed

Posted by Frank_N_Furter7 on Tuesday, October 8

Roomies needed

Posted by CrazyFurTails on Tuesday, September 17

King sized room available

Posted by ShadowtheWolfxl on Monday, September 16

Need two or three room mates.

Posted by nightshadow3601 on Monday, September 16

Roomates Plz

Posted by ASylverwolf on Sunday, September 15

1-2 people

Posted by StrikeDakota on Tuesday, September 10

Couple free spots at the Hyatt!!

Posted by CrossGoth on Saturday, September 7

3 room mates needed

Posted by Vexxuss on Thursday, September 5

Room available

Posted by InflatableZebra on Thursday, September 5

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Suiter looking for a Bed / Room Space

Posted by LouisLionRoar on Friday, December 6

Need a room! One person, me!

Posted by IAmTheGiantRat on Monday, December 2

Needing to takeover a main hotel or alofft room. Old roomies welcome to join back in

Posted by AyyaTabi on Saturday, November 30

Drama Llama still needs a room- wednesday only!

Posted by AlpacalipsNow on Saturday, November 30

Looking for entire room at Regency

Posted by FurryGreenFox on Thursday, November 28

1 spot needed

Posted by snowdropzop on Tuesday, November 26

2 Queen Room available to transfer at the Comfort Inn

Posted by AuroraSol4 on Sunday, November 24

1 Just Wednesday any hotel

Posted by Sterling_Fox on Monday, November 18

Looking for either a full bed space or room transfer

Posted by WonderingMeow on Saturday, November 16

Drama Llama needs a room- wednesday only

Posted by AlpacalipsNow on Thursday, November 7

Space for 2 male fursuiters! 21+

Posted by HayPanda on Saturday, November 2

21 Male Looking for a rooms

Posted by GodVillaGoon on Thursday, October 31

1 suiter in need of room

Posted by AllOfYourCakes on Wednesday, October 30

Two looking for Bed or Floor space in quiet room [Hyatt]

Posted by thatgreenfur on Wednesday, October 30

Cameraman looking for a spot

Posted by CrystalizedTheo on Monday, October 28

Furry Adventurer Looking for Group

Posted by kakurady on Monday, October 28

in need for a room

Posted by Jasper_paws on Friday, October 25

I need a room to stay in

Posted by GeronimoClawz on Wednesday, October 16

Looking for two bed spots or to take over a room

Posted by PabstShepherd on Wednesday, October 16

Need 1, floor space is ok

Posted by profesnol on Thursday, October 10

2 pups looking for room (share or take over reservation)

Posted by PupGalen on Thursday, October 10

We Need a Room at the Main Hotel

Posted by PrinceRareFox on Sunday, September 22

Looking for Wednesday room!

Posted by AdrennecWolf on Thursday, September 12

In need of day-room from 1pm-7pm

Posted by GavlaCat on Tuesday, September 10

Looking for Dropped Reservation

Posted by RhouxFang on Thursday, September 5

Fursuiter needs space

Posted by Spike_Papp on Thursday, September 5

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