East Central OH to AnthrOhio

Leaving around mid-day Thursday from New Philly/Dover area to Columbus to (try) and beat evening rush hour. Planning to leave Sunday around noon or afternoon depending on meet-ups or events.

Have 3 seats available and a decent amount of cargo space. Could hold 4 fursuit trunks and 4 bags of luggage, but anything more would be pushing it.

Planning to take 77 to Coshocton and 36 --> 16 --> 161, but I can pick up in Cambridge, Zanesville or Newark along 70.

$5-10 each way (depending on pickup) would be fine to cover expenses.

Hit me up on Telegram @Captain_Volaras. Will be the easiest way.

Departure City
New Philadelphia/Dover, OH
Departure Date
Thursday, May 26
Return Date
Sunday, May 29
Passengers Needed
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