Viva Las Vegas to Denfur!

Ride available from Las Vegas, Nevada! Will be doing this in one shot, taking I-15 --> I-70 into Denver. I can pick up along those major highways.

Only $15/pp each way to cover the cost of electricity, or $20 if you want a round-trip.

Couple of details:
- I will be making this trip in one shot each way, so I plan to leave Summerlin/Las Vegas around 2 in the morning on Thursday August 1st.
- Will have to make around 5 - 6 stops at Superchargers for 15-25 minutes each time. This equates to roughly a 14 hour trip, but I wont travel more than 2 1/2 hours without stopping.
- Royal Flush (my car) drives herself. I use this feature heavily, as I am Beta testing the new software for Tesla. If this is an issue, just be aware.
- I don't mean to sound rude, but I saved a lot and really love my car. It is not a "beater" so I would expect care be given to not scratch/damage my vehicle.

Other than that, I am very chill and love long road trips. I have a music playlist I keep for such occasions but I'm open to sharing some new music. Otherwise, feel free to bring your own headphones/laptops/tablets, etc. It's a giant battery on wheels, so there is plenty of USB ports and charging ports.

Any other questions, message me on Telegram! @Cobalt_Spark

Departure City
Las Vegas, Nevada
Departure Date
Thursday, August 1
Return Date
Monday, August 5
Passengers Needed
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