Roundtrip from Rockville MD and back

Hi, my name is Villa Vanilla Fox and I'm open for 2 other people for a roundtrip to MFF! If I get 1 person, the cost will be $70 however if I get 2, each will be $50. This trip will be 12 hours each way and we will be making stops. Departing time will be 7am November 29th. We will discuss departure location upon confirmation. Departure from the Convention will be at 7am December 4th. Fursuiters will be allowed! If you are interested please PM me on Telegram @VanillaFox, or DM me on Twitter @FurrRealBrotha, and of course email me :3

Departure City
Departure Date
Friday, November 10
Return Date
Monday, December 4
Passengers Needed
About this user
Maryland, USA
If I we're a cop and I saw you smoking weed, I would ask to join you.
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