MFF Carpool

Hi! I live in the city of Liberty, MO, which is close to Kansas City, Missouri.
I need a ride to MFF as anxiety keeps me from driving long distances.
Anyone willing to pick me up that's from the area or driving through the area would be so appreciated! I'm a fursuiter, but pack light, and the largest item I would have would be the tub I keep my suit in.

I would be willing to ride down with you whenever you're naturally going to the con, and it would be helpful if the same person could drop me off in town when the convention is over.

* departure and return dates are guessed

Pref. Departure City
Pref. Departure Date
Tuesday, November 28
Pref. Return Date
Thursday, May 4
Number Seats Needed
About this user
Online artist, writer, cosplayer. I post my art to my Twitter sometimes. Obsessed with BB.
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