Local Fur with Extra Seats

Memphis-located hare here! I live ~40 minutes away from the con and will be driving to/from there throughout the entire convention.

Must be within a 50 mile radius from my place (PM me for my ZIP code!) and fully vaccinated. Masks are NOT optional and I WILL turn around if anyone in your group refuses to comply. All seats will be sanitized between rides and santitizer will be provided during the trip.

Payment for gas is not required, but very much appreciated, especially if you're further away; inflation has made gas crazy expensive!

Telegram (@flanderpelt) is the best way to reach me if you're interested.

Departure City
Memphis, TN
Departure Date
Friday, September 2
Return Date
Sunday, September 4
Passengers Needed
About this user
Tennessee - Commissions CLOSED
21 | they/them | ENG/ASL | chamorro fursuiter (self-made) + artist from the bible belt
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