DJ Electrux’s transportation service

Hello, my name is DJ Electrux, I will be helping provide rides to Tails and Tornadoes all day Friday from 9 AM up until 4:30 PM and Saturday from 9 AM till 12 Pm. I will be willing to go as far as maximum 50 miles (2 hour drive total taking up to 100 miles = half a tank of gas)

It’ll be optional to pay me fuel money for services but is highly suggested to help me out and help yourself ensure both of us get to the con and back home as safely as possible.

I can get riders back home Sunday in the morning before closing ceremonies. Sunday will be very tight so I’d suggest being ready before 10 AM so I can return all my riders home safely.

Departure City
Tulsa, OK
Departure Date
Friday, September 2
Return Date
Sunday, September 4
Passengers Needed
About this user
Edmond, OK
#DJ/#MusicProducer/#SoundEngineer/#Streamer ~ DMs open for collabs ~ Inspired by @Dheusta ~ Stream my Music on Spotify and Apple Music
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