Ride from Vancouver/Alberta needed!

I'm a fursuiter from Vancouver, and I've waited too long to book, so flights are getting pricy, but I can fly to Edmonton or Calgary to catch a ride to Winnipeg! Cause Vancouver is a really long way away.
The flights are looking to cost like 500+ right now, and I'd really rather pay half that to fly to Alberta, and drive through Saskatchewan, which I've never been to so that's an experience I'd love to get.
Yeah I know time is short but let me know if you have any way to make it work! :D

Pref. Departure City
Pref. Departure Date
Thursday, August 8
Pref. Return Date
Monday, August 12
Number Seats Needed
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Port Moody, British Columbia
Born musician, living artist ♀ TF Loving, Ace, Music Creator (support me on Patreon!!), Furry Mid-2000s PopStar Aesthetic, Singer Trying Her Best,
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