Booked flight a day early, need a spot to crash for a night

Heya, I booked my flight a day earlier than my room host gets there and am trying to figure out where I'm gonna stay for the 23+hrs between 5:30pm on Wednesday and like 4-7pm on Thursday. I have a satchel and a duffel bag and can sleep on floors, don't take up a lot of space, and I'll dip out as soon as I wake up and hit up a cafe or something so you can have your space back

Tysm ❤️

Preferred Hotel
Boston Park Plaza Hotel
Preferred Check-In
Wednesday, February 19
Preferred Check-Out
Thursday, February 20
Spaces Needed
About this user
Little Rock, AR
Fresh out da grease / he-they / 22 / discord: Woozi#5499
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