One Bed Space Available for One or Two

Have one of the double bed spaces available for one or two people. Cost is $50/night for the bed so if its two people, thats $25 ea.

Fursuit friendly and NSFW accepting (just no wild parties).

The "1" portion of the 6-2-1 con rule will be expected. Also will be keeping the room clean. Fursuit/merch on beds is fine, just dont want food/trash/drink bottles all over the place.

Will need cash for (hotel) keys Thursday. I'll likely be arriving mid-afternoon at the hotel. Venmo/Paypal is cool, too.

Little about me:
- I'm probably newer to the fandom than most (~1 year in), but I will have my fursuit with me. Intend to do a lot of suiting. 28/M he/him. A little shy at first, but I just want to get back out and make some more cool friends to suit/rave/party with.
- Professional driver/instructor of flying machines, so be prepared for aviation nerding.
- @Captain_Volaras on Telegram. Easiest way to get a hold of me, as Im not too active on twitter.

Any other questions, definitely HMU. Even just to meet up or hang at the convention!

Crowne Plaza Columbus North
Room Type
2 Double Beds
Thursday, May 26
Sunday, May 29
Roommates Needed
50.00 USD per person per night
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