Looking for a Room to Share or Split


This will be my first time at any convention, as I recently turned 18, and I'm looking for possible roommate(s). Anyone who either has a room and wants a(nother) roommate to split the cost with, or someone who needs a room and would like to buy one together.

I'm a fairly large male, conscious about hygiene and consider myself relatively tidy, at least in a new environment like a hotel. I'm friendly and outgoing, but understand that sharing a space can be stressful so if requested there doesn't have to be much conversation besides laying down ground rules.

I will have very little baggage, and am willing to take the couch or floor if necessary.

For the quickest reply, please message me on telegram or discord at @SnowWhitespotter and Snow Whitespotten#9829 respectively

Preferred Hotel
Renaissance Seattle Hotel
Preferred Check-In
Thursday, November 8
Preferred Check-Out
Monday, November 12
Spaces Needed
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