Need Room for ANW2019, Ready to Pay

Hi! My name is Thaddeus and I'm a 21 y/o trans guy. I need a room for Anthro NorthWest 2019! I prefer to stay in the main hotel but any nearby hotel is fine as well!

I can sleep on the floor, and can provide a large air mattress that I'm willing to share. I don't mind a crowded room. Alcohol and 4/20 friendly. OK with room parties so long as they don't go too late. Can chip in for food as well and I'm always prepared with snacks and water bottles at any con.

I can pay for my part up front before the con! My budget is flexible and the nights I'm willing to stay are flexible as well.

I can be contacted on twitter, deviantart, furaffinity and instagram under the handle @itstvraptor
I can also be reached via email at

Preferred Hotel
Hyatt Regency Seattle
Preferred Check-In
Thursday, November 21
Preferred Check-Out
Sunday, November 24
Spaces Needed
About this user
I do anthro art, character design, and animation. Reblog alot of art. 22 | trans man | he/him | Next con: BLFC | Icon: @kind7ed