Sleeping space needed Thursday night

Hello. I'm Redstripe Cougar, fursuiter and amateur furry photographer. You may find me on Twitter at and on Telegram as @RedstripeCougar.

I'm looking for room space at AquatiFur, for Thursday night only. I would arrive about 6:00 PM Thursday, and would need to leave by about 11:00 AM Friday, so any guests joining you on Friday could have what was my space.

I can pay in advance via PayPal, or in cash at the door. I'm drama-free, and I won't have much stuff with me at all--probably just one small suitcase. I might also bring my fursuit in another suitcase, if I don't wear it en route.

I am clean, unobtrusive, and don't usually have a huge amount of stuff with me. I shower daily, but frequently sleep in my fursuit, both at home and at cons. I usually spend very little time in the hotel room at cons--just six hours of sleep (at least) per night, and personal hygiene care.

If you have any space available for me on Thursday, October 10th, I would like to know at your earliest convenience. You may reach me on Twitter or Telegram as listed above, or (preferably) by replying to this message. My email address is as follows:

redstripecatamount @

Thank you very much, and I hope to see you at AquatiFur!


Redstripe Cougar

Preferred Hotel
Chula Vista Resort & Waterpark
Preferred Check-In
Thursday, October 10
Preferred Check-Out
Friday, October 11
Spaces Needed
About this user
Wisconsin, USA
I'm just an easy-going cougar fursuiter from the metro-Milwaukee, WI area. Never thought I'd be on Twitter, but here I am. Not sure what I'll do with this. Hmm.
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