Looking for Roomates (SFW preferably)

This is my first listing, I'll probably be updating it as I go along, with updated info, pls take everything on here with a grain of salt

Alcohol- I don't mind having a lil in the room but getting drunk is a no I'm afraid for everyones safety
Yiff- I'm afraid that's a no as well, we're SFW

Pros (I think? Well to me I suppose) or Prefs?
It'd be nice to have get to know each other and chat on telegram or something prior to the co. so we're not complete strangers, it'd be nice if we melded well, but worst case it's just mutual help to get to con that's fine too
If your super into cuddles, and animated movies and cartoons, board games, and other things similar and playing games from past gen I welcome you whole heartedly with con fun and family fun
We're pretty inclusive to have the people with us hang with us throughout the con, you don't have to of course, it's just an offer we like to extend open invite
You don't need to have the money right now or anything but we would like if everyone stayed in contact and on the same page so we all can get there
We don't mind you coming in late or after hours, pls just be mindful and very quiet
I'll try to provide food and drink, but any help would be greatly appreciated

Grand Sierra Resort
Room Type
2 Double Beds
Tuesday, May 14
Sunday, May 19
Roommates Needed
400.00 USD per person per night
About this user
Las Vegas, NV, USA
Wanderer-Volunteer-Hybrid-demi-poly-Retro-nonBin-flowstaffuser- Writer-Artist-Musician-LAARPer-RPer-Fursuiter-Vertical Engineer-furniture\cabinetmaker-Cook ^_^
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