Looking for 3 roommates! Quality inn and suites!

m looking for 5 people at 120.00 a person. There will be a total of 6 people in the room.
It is a king bed with a sofa pull out. my friend has a confirmed spot for the bed. There is one spot for the pull out and one shared spot on the king bed. The rest of the spaces are floor spaces. And will be dealt as first come first serve willing health issues and medical necessity is addressed.
Me and my friend will be in the dealers den and so will be gone for most of the day. There will also be at least one suit in the room and I am okay with other suits. I just ask that they keep in the closet or out of the way.
Rules for the room is as follows:
1.dont trash the room
2. Be respectful and communicate with others
3. Alchohol and drugs would be preferred to remain out of the room.
4. Let me know if you want guests in the room
5. Payment will be required one months before the con. I will not give refunds unless there is an emergency after 2 weeks to the con.

My telegram is @beanieplant
My twitter is @adragonthatroar
Let me know if you are interested and if you have any concerns or question.

Grand Sierra Resort
Room Type
1 King Bed
Wednesday, May 15
Monday, May 20
Roommates Needed
150.00 USD per person per night
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