The New “A” suite room

I’m Stryker Husky and I’m getting the new “A” suite.
Looking for 2 furries to join the room. The cost cost would be $290.00 total from day 0 to check out Monday morning. Yes there might be some bed space left unless others get to it first. With the bigger room. There will be lots of floor space and myself and others will make sure everybody can walk around in the room Yes this room is a yiff room but you have to be courteous to all others who stay in the room. Yes please and I’m asking I don’t want furries who stay in room who don’t take showers I want a happy and fun Furry room to all There is a quiet time after 1-2 am every night for others who want to sleep. . Yes you can bring booze, sodas snacks and of course food of course is welcome. Want to make sure everybody has a good time

Grand Sierra Resort
Room Type
2 Double Beds
Wednesday, May 15
Monday, May 20
Roommates Needed
80.00 USD per person per night
About this user
a Pup who wants to play. Plus a Wolf/Husky Furry Fursuiter. Starbucks is all mine. Don’t mess with this Pup
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