2 Furs looking for a room~

So a friend and I are looking for a room. We had a room, but unfortunately, friends could not make it and we can't pay for the entire thing ourselves.

We've decided to look for those who need roomies for the con.

Both of us are very clean and tidy folks, we like to supply the room with food when needed, can sleep on floor or share bed, neither of us snore~

Please let me know how you guys feel about it!


Preferred Hotel
Grand Sierra Resort
Preferred Check-In
Wednesday, May 15
Preferred Check-Out
Monday, May 20
Spaces Needed
About this user
Anaheim, CA
Gamer, Big, Quiet, Streamer Potential, Beard, Loves Food, Loves Drinks. Member of Impertinent Podcast~ Youtube: GoliathTall
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