Need a place to sleep/shower


My name is Terry, but feel free to call me Starchaser, SC, Star, etc.

I am carpooling to Reno from San Diego with some locals and expect to be there around 1-2am.

I do have a friend that lives in the Reno area, but I haven't heard back from them so I figured it would be an idea to look for alternatives, given the price of hotels this close to con (didn't expect to go!), as well as most of them not being very close to the hotel itself.

I put Grand Sierra as preferred, but anything within walking distance (1/2-1 mile) is okay!

My Telegram is @Starchaser

Many thanks!

Preferred Hotel
Grand Sierra Resort
Preferred Check-In
Thursday, May 16
Preferred Check-Out
Sunday, May 19
Spaces Needed
About this user
San Diego, CA
Hi! I'm a griffon, gamer, student, and avian enthusiast. Currently working at @Walmart 26/M/CA
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