Fox looking for a room!

This will be my first BLFC, but not my first con! I can hold my won when it comes to responsibilities in the room ( cost, tidiness, hygiene, etc.). I have no preference as to who and where I room with. So long as I can have a good time and be a goofy fox!! I can pay my room share. I love getting to know new people and gauging interests.

About me:
-My name is Samuel the Fox but you can call me Sammy
- I'm 21 years old and I live in Cincinnati, OH.
- I've been a furry for the past 5 years with 10+ characters and 2 fursuits.
- I am a State Tested Nursing Assistant for a major hospital network.
- Currently I'm an student at the Art Academy of Cincinnati.
Aaaaaaaaand that's about it!

My Telegram is @SamueltheFox
That's my preferred contact method, so if anyone is willing to take this fox in, I'd be forever grateful!! :D

Preferred Hotel
Grand Sierra Resort
Preferred Check-In
Thursday, April 30
Preferred Check-Out
Monday, May 4
Spaces Needed
About this user
A silly fox prancing around the bumpy parts of Ohio! :D 21| STNA| Part-Time Cat
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