Looking for a room for BLFC!


My name is AstrumNovus, and I am in search of a room at the GSR for the duration of BLFC. I am 31 years old, love to meet people and possibly make new friends, and do my best to be respectful of everyone's boundaries! I make it a point to shower every day during the con, sometimes twice a day since I have a tendency to sweat a bit during the walks(much to my own dismay). I'm a light drinker, and I make sure to steer clear of any hard substances(I greatly prefer marijuana if anything), and I'm not terribly interested in inviting people over, unless it's just to make a quick stop to change shirts or something. My main concern is the fact that I do tend to snore during my sleep, and I understand that sometimes that's a no-go for people. I will try my best to mentally block it at night. Please let me know if there is still an available room slot. If not, I appreciate the opportunity!


Preferred Hotel
Grand Sierra Resort
Preferred Check-In
Thursday, April 30
Preferred Check-Out
Sunday, May 3
Spaces Needed
About this user
Mesa, AZ
Twitch Affiliate streamer. Cyber Security Account/Telecommunications Manager. Amateur VA. Aspiring Beautician. @kiwibiwastaken is mine!
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