Seeking Room Space for One

Hello! I'm Skipper, and I'm seeking space at the GSR for the new October dates! Ideal check-in Thursday, check-out Monday. A little about me: I am a 24 y/o transmasc guy from the Central Florida area. I have been in the fandom for quite some time, am a non-smoker, and currently work in veterinary medicine. Party or non-party room is okay, bed or floor space. I'm not picky! I am a fursuiter, and will be traveling with my suits.

I can be reached on twitter @skipper_kitty or on telegram @glaregryphon. Thanks!

Preferred Hotel
Grand Sierra Resort
Preferred Check-In
Thursday, October 29
Preferred Check-Out
Monday, November 2
Spaces Needed
About this user
Orlando, FL
Skipper! Siamese Cat • Suit by @LupeSuits • Icon by @chibimarrow • 24 • NB • AroAce • Star Wars, Warrior Cats, Disney. Aka Glare Gryphon.
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