Chill bun looking for a slot

Hey there!

I'm looking for a room slot, hopefully from Thursday or Friday night through Sunday night. I'm a long-time FWA attendee, but I haven't been to another con before.

FYI, I'm a party-bun kind of congoer. I usually drink a little, blaze a good bit, and screw as much as possible. Not to an excessive level, and I don't let things get *cough* out-of-paw, but it's probably best to say up front. None of these things have to happen in the room, but hey, I wouldn't complain.

I'd probably get on pretty smashingly in most varieties of "party rooms" (and contribute plenty myself), but I'm not necessarily holding out for that kind of space.

Ideally, I'd prefer a bed slot, ideally with someone(s) cool & amenable to cuddles... but that's also not a hard requirement, just a bonus.

It may or may not matter to you, but here's a little bit about myself, just in case: personally, I'm a pan/poly transfemme enby. (If that sets off your snowflake detector, then kindly miss me with it, thanks.) If you wanna know what that means or what I look like, ask!

If you have telegram, you can just catch me there directly (@Calamitizer).

No nazis.

Preferred Hotel
Crowne Plaza Denver Airport Convention Center
Preferred Check-In
Thursday, August 1
Preferred Check-Out
Monday, August 5
Spaces Needed
About this user
Raleigh, NC
Alex Ruble. Web engineer with math/physics degrees lying around. Enby bun. Pan & poly. Vessel of uncountably many passions.
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