Room Wanted

Hi I am looking for a room for DenFur. I'm pretty easy going and I'm not too picky. I'll honestly only be in the room to sleep and shower. I do stay out later at night but when I come back to the room and people are sleeping I'll try my best to be super quiet. I'll only be 19 at the time of denfur so I wont be coming in drunk. I don't have a fursuit so I won't take up too much space. I won't touch anyones stuff unless I have the owner's permission. My preferred way of contact is Telegram and my Telegram is @Matt_The_Wolf18

Preferred Hotel
Crowne Plaza Denver Airport Convention Center
Preferred Check-In
Thursday, July 4
Preferred Check-Out
Monday, August 5
Spaces Needed
About this user
Cleveland, OH
straight | pm friendly | no rp | photographer and videographer | learning guitar | pfp by @Atomic_Juice
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