Bed Space and Floor Space

Hey guys! Looking for roomies who would be willing to share with me! Some things about me :

1. Sex - positive. Ideally looking for roomies who are interested in me, if you think you're interested in husky hairy dudes! Otherwise, I don't mind sex in the room at all, just that it be clean and the acts clean as well...

2. I snore a lot and pretty heavily. If you can't handle this, or if you're a light sleeper, this may not be the room for you. Sorry :(

3. Bed Space is 50 a night, floor space is 40 a night. Floor Space only available when someone's taken the bed. Bed is available to one person, two people who don't mind cuddling, or a couple.

4. I'm edible and alcohol friendly, but not vape/smoke friendly or any other kind of drug. Doing anything but edibles and alcohol in the room immediately gets you kicked out, no refunds.

5. Drama is okay to talk about, but don't bring it in the room, please.

6. Have your own personal means of securing your art and stuff.

7. Chillout time is between 11pm -9am. No sex or guests over unless it's with other roomies.

That's all!

Message me on telegram @wolferinez for more details.

Hilton San Jose
Room Type
2 Double Beds
Friday, January 18
Sunday, January 20
Roommates Needed
50.00 USD per person per night
About this user
Fremont, CA
Male Bi Musclechub. Total Top and Dom. This twitter is all about my sexual musing in the FurFandom. Will bite, abuse, & scratch with permission. Sona is Balryk!
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