Furcon Hyatt Place 2 Rooms 2-3 spots avlaiable

Hey there! Looking to find some people to fill some spots for Furcon! I have two rooms both in the Hyatt place.

If we get an even 8 people, meaning I need 2 more people it will be 202 each a person for the whole weekend of days.

If I get 3 people it will be 180 per person.

Note: All of these spaces will be floor spaces, the beds are already taken. Please do not apply if you do not like sleeping on the floor. I also wanted to mention that please be LGBT friendly. A lot of the people in the room are LGBT.

Contact: Telegram @beanieplant
Twitter: adragonthatroar

Hyatt Place San Jose
Room Type
Thursday, January 17
Monday, January 21
Roommates Needed
180.00 USD per person per night
About this user
San Jose, CA
Names Beanie out of suit! Welcome! I’m an artist by day and a dragon by always and all the time. Portfolio and Commission info:
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