Doggo looking for one spot!

Hey there!

I was a dummy and waited too late to book a place to crash, so here we are!


Who am I?:

I'm a 31/gay spottydog from Portland, OR. I love tabletop gaming and that's where I spend way too much of my free time!

I've been a furry for a larger percentage of my life than I'd like to admit and this will be my first con. I've enjoyed cons outside of the furry space and I'm super excited that FurCon comes so highly recommended.

These seem to come up in other ads, so... I generally feed myself, enjoy showering, wear adequate deodorant, and supply my own earplugs!


What I'm Looking For:

I'm mostly looking for a place to crash, relax, and keep my stuff safe. Will likely have friends/guests visit at some point. Not planning on throwing parties or excessive craziness. Friendly to legal substances and prefer to stay away from illegal ones.

I'd like to discuss any rules/restrictions/expectations you have up front before agreeing to share a room. That only seems fair!


Other Preferences:
-Available bed or pullout couch space
-Generally chill roommates
-Some period of mutually agreed upon quiet/sleep time overnight
-Roommates who plan to buy their own food, snacks, booze, etc. I'm happy to chip in, but not supply everything!
-Relatively small number of people in the room (as much as I'd love one of your 7 floor spaces!)
-Reasonable personal hygiene practices around trash, shower, deodorant, etc.
-No plans for illegal activity (I'd hate to have to find another roomy!)
-My own room key

I'm pretty flexible and don't think any of that is too crazy. If you have a space and want to chat more, Telegram is probably the best place to reach me: @mr_spots

Look forward to hearing from you!

Preferred Hotel
San Jose Marriott
Preferred Check-In
Thursday, January 17
Preferred Check-Out
Monday, January 21
Spaces Needed
About this user
Portland, OR
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