Room available at Novotel Toronto Centre

Artist and (possible fursuiter if suit is done by that time) Looking to Room with Trans-friendly roommates. Other artists would be ideal but not required of course!

This room would be me and my husband, we are both trans\artists and pretty laid back.

General rules are:
-no drinking until you are sick
-please be respective of property
-we do not mind raunchy activities just PLEASE keep the room clean, not when we are around OFC.
-parties/inviting friends is fine as long as we are introduced at least one day in advance.
-please be mindful of our boundaries, since we will be working quite a bit in the dealers we might be a bit tired some nights so if we need a bit of quiet time please respect that.

Just contact if interested or you have any questions!

Room Type
2 Double Beds
Thursday, March 14
Monday, March 18
Roommates Needed
52.00 CAN per person per night
About this user
|Mads|Trans guy|Fandom/furry artist!|this Twitter is always SFW!|Next con is Furnal Equinox |
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