Roommates Needed

2 floor spots are open for my room for Furnal Equinox 2019!

Here are some general rules for the room:

- Please be respectful to all of those who are in the room
- Please refrain from getting absolutely plastered to the point where you're sick or need to be babysat by another roomie
- No drugs (aside from prescription if you are currently being prescribed anything) are allowed in the room
- Must be 18+
- The room is to be quiet after 11 pm as most will want to sleep in the room if they are in there at that time
- Please respect peoples belongings
- Please do not bring random people into the room/people we do not know
- Suiters are welcome in the room so long as things are kept neat and in a safe spot

Currently, my BF and I are the only two in the room. We ask that communication is kept open between everyone at the con so if anyone needs the room or plans to go back we're all in the loop and don't walk in on anything!

Both of us are trans-friendly (I myself am FtM trans) as well as LGBTQA friendly!

Price in total from Thursday - Monday will be $205 USD a person. We will be bringing blow up mattresses for those who will be on the floor and we are also more than willing to see if its possible to get a cot for one person.

Westin Harbour Castle, Toronto
Room Type
2 Double Beds
Thursday, March 14
Monday, March 18
Roommates Needed
205.00 USD per person per night
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