3 spots available, Th-M


I have 3 spots available in my room from Thurs to Monday. Assuming 4 people in the room total cost is $191.52/person. Reservation could be shortened to 3 or even 2 nights if that is all that everyone really needs.

Feel free to contact me if you have any questions. Basic room rules are below.

Thanks for looking!

Room rules:

1) Payment:
-Due to problems with people pulling out at the last minute at previous cons I am asking for half of the room fee as a non refundable deposit (unless a replacement roommate can be found). The other half to be paid when you get the room key.
-room cost will depend on the number of people in the room and how many nights they are staying.

2) "Private time":
-Makes sure no one has issues with it going on. I'll probably set up a Telegram chat group for the room.
-You need to give everyone else in the room a heads up as to when so we don't get locked out or walk in on it.
-Make sure things are cleaned up after your done.

3) Cleanliness:
-Please try not to leave clothing strewn around the bathroom or a lot of trash on the floor.
-Do shower

4) Parties/gatherings:
-Having some friends over to talk or an art jam is fine. I do not want to host a full out party (with booze) in the room.
-Please be respectful if someone wants to get some sleep and continue things elsewhere.

5) Getting drunk:
-I don't mind if you drink, but I had enough of puking drunkenness with college roommates and have very little sympathy for a hangover. If you're planning on getting that drunk, please do it elsewhere.
-Also, if there is someone under 21 in the room, no booze will be allowed in the room. This is a legal issue.

6) Drugs:
-F*****ING NO!
-Prescription drugs only

7) I do have a slight allergy to some colognes/perfumes so I would ask that you not over do it.

Sheraton Tysons Hotel
Room Type
2 Double Beds
Thursday, March 14
Monday, March 18
Roommates Needed
47.88 USD per person per night
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