I could really need a room >///<

I would love to get a place to stay in the Hotel, The Date actually doesnt matter, aslong as its over the contime, if its longer in any direction i dont care <3.
Im a simple guy, i dotn really care how many people are in the room, or what the bedsituation is, i would even sleep on the ground xP! as long as i could stay in the hotel i would be so happy <3! Hopefully someone hits me up

Preferred Hotel
Hotel Fortuna Reutlingen / Tübingen
Preferred Check-In
Friday, December 27
Preferred Check-Out
Wednesday, January 1
Spaces Needed
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Hey there sweety~ im a 19 Year old Boy from Switzerland ^^ This is my AD account so be warned~ Ish a chub working out to be a chute dergon one day. DM's open ;P