Corner King Bed Deluxe at Hyatt Hotel

Have a Corner King Bed room for 3 in the Hyatt, just need 2 others to room with to cover cost. Will be hanging with friends most of the time. You will have to pay up front for all of the nights you will be staying in the room when you're confirmed for a spot( will send payment link via email or DM)

Rules for staying in the room are:
No breaking things
Don't be too rowdy
Keep the room clean
No looking though others things
You can bring friends/SO's over, but you can't have sex in the room and you can't bring over a ton of people over. And you will be responsible for anyone you bring to the room
It will be an 18+ room so you can bring whatever 18+ plus art you want back to the room
You can also bring whatever kink gear you want to the room, as long as you're respectful with others about it
No drugs or alcohol in the room, don't mind if you do them or come back drunk or high, just don't leave any in the room

If you're interested, contact me via email, twitter or on telegram (

(P.S. you'll have to at least be ok with ABDL stuff)

Hyatt Regency Atlanta
Room Type
1 King Bed
Wednesday, May 10
Monday, May 15
Roommates Needed
68.00 USD per person per night
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Land of the Midnight Sun
Caribou fur living up in Alaska (Don't know what Ill post here bit will figure it out)
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