Aloft Room or Hilton Room

Bark Bark!

Looking for a Roomie. I booked a hotel both at the Aloft and as well at the Hilton. We can cancel either without penalty. I am also still actively looking for Hyatt by means of a server I'm using to ping the Hyatt's website every 5 min and text me if there is a cancellation. Still mad I didn't get in for Hyatt in time. Grr....

All that aside....

I am looking for a single roommate to split cost of room.
- Quiet hours: 3am-10am
- Guests: Okay
- Would like a clean room; i.e. don't leave trash and stuff all over the floor
- Sex is all fine.
- I do snore I'm told (sorry!)
- I'm a suiter

Aloft Chicago O’Hare Airport
Room Type
2 Double Beds
Thursday, November 30
Monday, December 4
Roommates Needed
90.00 USD per person per night
About this user
Oakland, CA
Bark Bark I'm a gay Immigrant Husky living in Oakland, rather rambunctious, bouncy, cuddly, and cute! Loves fursuiting, bondage, etc AD Account: @friskynacho
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