Looking for one extra roomie for MFF ^-^

Lookin for one extra person to stay with us for MFF!
We either have a king or double beds.(Probably the latter)
We'll all be paying $185 a piece
You dont have to stay the whole time but the price doesnt change!
About us:
Alissa- Female, 20, has a fullbody dutchAD suit (Arya)
Hyper, friendly, all over the place, 420 friendly but doesnt smoke

Lindsey- Female, 18, has a partial husky/cat suit (Galaxy)
Laid back, nice, 420 friendly

Riley(me): Female, 18(I'll be 19 on December 2nd) husky fullsuit~(Zach/Zacharie)
Shy/awkawrd, friendly, 420 friendly, Im also gay af~
Instagram: CelestialRose_626
Telegram: @CelestialRose
-*- You can talk to me about the room by email, telegram, or instagram!-*-

We'll all be in suit for some/most of the con~

Our preferences:
We'd like it if you were 420 friendly and didnt mind if we kept the room super cold. You dont have to have a suit, but if you wanna run around and be cute, I'd suggest you have one ~
We'd also prefer that you pay before the con so we know for sure you'll show up~

Girls: 17 - 25
Guys: 17 - 22, trans or gay would be best (Idk we love gay people, they're great)

We MUST find someone before the end of this month!!
If we cant find anyone we will have to cancel our room :(

Crowne Plaza Chicago O’Hare
Room Type
2 Double Beds
Thursday, November 30
Monday, December 4
Roommates Needed
145.00 USD per person per night
About this user
Indiana, USA
∆ Hella lame ∆ // 19 • Artist • Certified Dreamer➴• furry // Riley Rose // Instagram: celestialrose_626
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