Embassy Suites - 18+ SPOTS NEED FILLING ASAP

I have a room at the embassy that needs filling ASAP!!

Also, before i accept an offer, i need an irl photo of you and your age please.. This is just for my own anxiety.

So it's a kingroom as i said, the other half of the bed is spoken for already, and i have the first half. So there’s no beds left up for grabs in this room.

Im selling spots in the room flat at 200 USD (dividing it comes to like. 203 and i said fuck it whatever) uhh embassy suites is right across the road from the convention center / hyatt. so it's not far at all.

I need payment and confirmation upfront.
I do not do refunds. so you need to know 100% you are going. i have work to do at the con and i've had way too many times where someone last minute before the con says “oh shit came up i can't go. i need my money back” --- thus literally fucking me and everyone else out of our room if we can't find an instant replacement. and this gives me, as an artist, a terrible reputation when i have 25 - 50 badges and other merch to delivery and suddenly can't go ect ect its just shitty. so i've stopped offering refunds if people back out, Sorry.

I do not mind parties / other stuff in the room as long as you just.. ask. that's all.
That will be the golden rule of this room “Just ask”

Every con i make a telegram "room" group with the roomies in it so if you need privacy for an hour to be alone or even use the room for adult things, or want to put together a party you can discuss it with the others easily.

I know cons get messy so as long as the room isn't trashed that's fine.

If you break it. you're paying the fee. if you break it and don't pay the damage fees and thus force me out 100 - 200 bucks for your stupidity then i will put your name on blast all over and you probably won't have an easy time finding a room for future cons. so just be an adult about it. don't break shit. if you do accidentally break something, just man up.

Other than that i only ask that you be respectful to the other roomies and try to be civil .. this won't be a place for anti-lgbt or hate speech / racism ect ect..

So in short be a decent human being XD

I'm already super paranoid about this room being filled.
So please, help me fill it quickly!!!

My one room mate has been kind enough to offer to bring an air mattress for one or two people to use in the room. so if you want to use that, be sure to just ask and hit this ad up first! Thanks.

Room Type
1 King Bed
Thursday, November 30
Monday, December 4
Roommates Needed
200.00 USD per person per night
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