In need of 1 room, willing to sleep on floor/air mattress.

Hello! My name is Riley Winters and i'm looking for just one slot in the main hotel. I am willing to be with as many/little people as possible and sleep/stay in any space possible. I am a fursuiter so I will have a (small) box that contains my fursuit in it. I am an insanely light packer so space shouldn't be a problem at all. I am pretty reputable and in the last year alone have been to over a dozen fur meets in Colorado. I will be driving to MFF from Western PA.

Preferred Hotel
Hyatt Regency O'Hare
Preferred Check-In
Thursday, November 30
Preferred Check-Out
Sunday, December 3
Spaces Needed
About this user
Pennsylvania, USA
Admin of main CO & PA fur telegram groups| 19/Gay| Sports fan & Jock| In closed relationship with my Cheetah|PM me on telegram @Horsefur|Lives in PA|SFW profile
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