Me alone looking for a room preferably from

My name is Villa, I'm a 19 year saving for a good time at MFF... I don't pack a lot, at most 2 backpacks. I'm looking for a room that will also possibly allow sexual activities to happen... Not hosting any party or meets. If you can't, that's fine.
I'll probably be okay with any price as long as it isn't ridiculous. I'm respectful, non judgmental and accepting, lgbt friendly, and somewhat quiet but social looking to getting along with all my roommates :3
I'm drug free and alcohol free! My hobbies are parkour, drawing, music, and more! I work as a full time construction worker in MD.

A bed isn't really needed, I don't mind sleeping on the floor allowing any senerio that might be considered "inconvenient".

Message me on telegram: @VanillaFox or email: or DM me on Twitter: @FurrRealBrotha

Preferred Hotel
Whispering Woods Hotel & Conference Center
Preferred Check-In
Thursday, November 30
Preferred Check-Out
Monday, December 4
Spaces Needed
About this user
Rockville Maryland, USA
I'm sorry but friendship is a hard journey for me to take. There is no Best friends Catagory, only TRUSTED or STRANGER | AD: @Villagonefree | concrete worker
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