Extra Roomies!

Hello! We have a room booked for 4 people already and are looking for 1-2 people (maybe 3) to join us to lessen the cost of the hotel for all of us!
Right now the charge is around $400 for 4 people, so roughly $100 per person, depending on taxes and service fees, for 3 nights.
For 5 people the price will go down to $80 per person and for 6 people the price will be approximately $67 per person and for 7 people it will be around $57 per person.
We don't have to pay until check in. If you would like to join the 4 of us please let me know.

Of course, joining our room would mean possibly having to bring a sleeping bag.
We will be arriving on Thursday and checking-out on Sunday. Check-out time is at 12pm so for the reminder of the con we will have to carry around our belongings.

(one person out of the 4 of us might be leaving so if that is the case they we have another spot open and are definitely looking for someone to jump in)

Hyatt Regency Milwaukee
Room Type
2 Double Beds
Thursday, October 19
Sunday, October 22
Roommates Needed
80.00 USD per person per night
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Chicago, IL
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