Room Space Needed

Just looking for room space;; I've never been to a con before so this'll be my first
I may not even be able to stay the whole weekend due to my work schedule but I'm not sure of what it'll be for March just yet.
I'm not looking for a free space, I can pay a portion for how long I'll be there
It'll be closer to March-beginning of March before I know what I'll be able to do.
I've got close friends going to TFF as well but they're all at room capacity already;;
I won't be in the room much and I'm pretty quiet and keep to myself if I'm ever in there I pretty much just need a place to sleep

Female, 22, furry, furry artist and will probably be bringing my laptop/tablet

Any help is appreciative just hit me up on TG @jinore

Preferred Hotel
Hyatt Regency Dallas
Preferred Check-In
Thursday, March 28
Preferred Check-Out
Monday, April 1
Spaces Needed
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