Room fur 1 more?

Hi my name is Kilo & I am looking for a room to crash in, no bed needed floor is a-ok! Im a small guy, friendly, clean & tidy, doesnt snore, and wont be around the room much other than shower in the morning & pass out at night! I only have 1 backpack & one small suitcase w/ me. I like to party but would like to party at others rooms, Im the type that likes to think of the room as 'home base' & a quiet place to relax to chill! Im also kinda on a tight budget this year but I am willing to pay a fair price for accommodations! If I sound like a good candidate hit me up at @kilodafingo on twitter!

Preferred Hotel
Executive Airport Plaza Hotel
Preferred Check-In
Thursday, March 3
Preferred Check-Out
Sunday, March 6
Spaces Needed
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I da hoe
Dumb Hybrid Dog. Fun Pocket Sized. Outdoor activities are fun. All-Star ganja puffin' athlete. You can find me on the ski slopes~
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