Looking for extra floor space from Thursday-Monday in main hotel.

Hello! I’m Hashna, I’m looking for some floor space to crash in during the convention (figure if I take the floor we can have an extra bed space to keep costs down). When it comes to what kind of room I’m pretty flexible, if you want to bring people back to the room for 18+ activities, go for it! If you want the room to be a PG chill relaxation place, go for it! As long as my roommates know not to go through my personal items I really don’t care.

Twitter - @HashnaFennec
Telegram - @Hashna

Preferred Hotel
Sheraton Vancouver Airport Hotel
Preferred Check-In
Thursday, March 7
Preferred Check-Out
Monday, March 11
Spaces Needed
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Bellingham, WA
hello! I'm a geeky, trans fennec fox vixen who loves the outdoors and the beautiful Pacific Northwest!